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Personalized Real Estate Marketing & Negotiation Services

Full Service Listings

List your home with Seana Yates and you will receive excellent customer service along with cutting edge and innovative marketing. All printing, paid ads, professional photography, and catered events at our expense. Comprehensive transaction management from the day you sign the listing until the close of escrow and beyond.

Effective Negotiation

Seana Yates is an experienced negotiatior trained in traditional and new methods of deal-making. Property Mix, Inc. brings over 20 years of deal-making experience to the table, including commercial and high-end luxury properties.

A Great Team

Seana Yates works closely with top professionals in the Real Estate field to sell your listing. From lenders to qualify any buyer, to title and escrow companies that know how to close a tough deal, you know you've got a great team working for you.